We always want the experience of working with us to be a pleasant and memorable one. Many of our clients become friends, and we very much enjoy this aspect of our work.

We make it a point to provide first rate design services, giving you a design that not only exceeds your needs functionally, economically and aesthetically, but we also want you to make the most of your investment over the years. We design with the long term use of the space in mind as well as life cycle costs such as maintenance, and energy efficiency. We also offer “LEED for Home” registration and certification consulting for which the City of Cincinnati offers a substantial tax abatement incentive, while lowering energy costs.

Pre Design

Obtain existing site information, and complete a building program – Decide with the client the intentions of the project, the spaces that will be necessary to make the project successful, and set priorities for what is most important in design. This phase is about 5% – 10% of the architectural work.

Schematic Design

Complete a schematic design for the project which has your approval- This entails designing and drawing a site plan, building plan layout, three dimensional images (or models), and any other important aspects of the design. This phase is about 15% – 20% of the architectural work.

Design Development

Design Development- make decisions on material selections, design details, doors, hardware, lighting, mechanical systems, security, plumbing, etc. This phase is about 15% – 20% of the architectural work.

Construction Documents

Once the design decisions are made, the architect and where necessary consultants such as engineers produce a set of construction documents which will be used to bid out the project to various contractors, to obtain a building permit, and last but not least, to complete the construction. These documents include all the plans, structural layouts, foundation plans, construction details, exterior views, interior views, sectional views (cut-away views) where necessary, lighting plans, plans for site drainage, parking storm sewer runoff, mechanical and electrical systems. This phase is about 40% of the architectural work.

Construction Negotiations Assistance

Typically, the owner needs assistance in selecting the best bid for construction, and the architect can interpret construction bids to help the owner make an informed decision. This phase is about 5% of the architectural work.

Construction Observation

From time to time, the architect will visit the construction site to see that the building is being built according to the plans, and to answer any questions the contractor may have. During construction as well as during the bidding process, the architect is available to answer questions and observe the work. This phase is about 10% of the architectural work.