Synthesis (syn•the•sis)

the process of combining different ideas,
influences, or objects into a new whole

This firm is rooted in a tradition of innovative design with personalized attention to each project. Founded by Alexander Christoforidis, a professor at the University of Cincinnati, this small architecture office is the continuation of Carl A. Strauss and Associates. Synthesis is composed of a new generation of architects who not only have a lot of hands-on experience in construction, but also are fluent in the digital world. Our client doesn’t have to know anything about architectural graphics or terminology (floor plans, sections, elevations or construction documents) to have a clear understanding of the end result.

Through digital interactive media we can offer our clients and builders the exact design intent; means of construction methods; most effective and economic ways of building/designing their dream project, before the building process even begins. Digital media is subsequently applied to construction documentation. Our hands-on experience on every aspect of the project allows us to consider initial construction costs and life cycle costs for the owner; as well as the overall environmental impact.